We invite you to build up a personal and professional career plan within the scope of the Faculty of Arts& Humanities, an institution of higher education and scientific research. You will be welcomed and surrounded by research professors and by ambitious teachers, strongly committed to serving the public. You will be able to deepen and broaden your knowledge, skills and competencies in programmes you chose. You will be able to improve your technical skills which prepare you for your profession and the future.

Programmes For a Multidisciplinary Education

·         10 Specialized B.A. programmes with the following majors :   French Studies, Linguistics, English and American Studies, Spanish and Ibero-American Studies, Applied Foreign Languages English/German- English/ Spanish, History, Geography, Sociology, Educational Sciences

·         5 Profession-oriented B.A. programmes:   Technical Writing, Book Studies, Arts and Cultural Management, Sensory Web Design and Online Creation, Anthropized Environment Design

·         12 Master’s degrees: Publishing, Semiotics, Literature, Arts and Cultural Management, Modern Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Intercultural Management, Heritage Valorization and Territorial Development

A Rich Student Experience

·         High Level Courses taught by academic experts and by teachers attentive to the student’s needs

·         International mobility opportunities (mobilities for studies& internships)

·         Opportunities to join dynamic student associations

A Faculty open to The Professional World

·         Compulsory internships within all courses

·         An extensive network of socioeconomic partners

·         An insertion rate of our graduates above the national average

A Dynamic and International Research

·         Research professors involved in national and international research projects

·         Research conferences and seminars throughout the year








The Faculty of Arts& Humanities Profile

·         2400 students

·         350 academics

·         50 administrative staff

·         70 international agreements

·         400 partner companies

·         6 research teams