Un cadre privilégié

The Vanteaux Campus offers the perfect environment to achieve academic success.

All university facilities within a green area

  • The University Library of The Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  •  Health Services
  • University Restaurant – “Thérèse Menot”
  • The University Residences – “Les Hauts de Vanteaux”
  • The CROUS Central Services
  •  Limousin Institute of Training in Rehabilitation Center – ILFOMER
  • The National School of Art of Limoges  – ENSA

Suitable meeting spaces for creativity and exchange

  • A dedicated space to student life and associations
  •  A spacious hall hosting a cafeteria, exhibitions, concerts
  •  Spaces dedicated to group work
  • A performance hall

State-of-the-art pedagogical equipments

  •  Language labs
  • A media service
  •  A copy centrer
  • A recording studio
  • Geomatics laboratories
  •  I.T. rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi available everywhere on our premises