Food Service



Located at the entrance of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, the cafeteria of CROUS
welcomes you all day long with a quick meal offering salads, sandwiches and pastries,

Opening Hours :

Monday – Thursday : 08h00 à 16h30

Friday : 7h30 à 16h00

Tel. : 05 55 43 17 07

The University Restaurant


The university restaurant Thérèse Menot located in the opposite of university library provides a wide range of menus; grills, pizzas, pastas, and daily specials. The price of a meal for a student is 3,25€.

RU Thérèse Menot 2 allée de la cornue 87000 Limoges

Tel : 05 55 45 26 06

E-mail : 

Opening Hours : 11h30 – 13h30 from Monday to Friday.